About Nate Chamberlain

Nate Chamberlain is a firm believer in the transformative power of Microsoft 365, both in its practical application and its broader community. Residing in Kansas City, Missouri, with his husband William and their feline companions, Baxter and Lia, Nate finds joy in merging his personal and professional experiences, always prioritizing growth and understanding.

Having been honored as a 5x Microsoft MVP, Nate also holds certifications like the M365 Enterprise Administrator Expert, Microsoft Power Platform App Maker Associate, Microsoft Teams Administrator Associate, and CompTIA CTT+. But these aren’t just badges; they symbolize the time, dedication, and real-world experiences that have shaped his expertise in the realm of Microsoft 365.

Nate’s eagerness to share knowledge is evident not just in his work but in his outreach efforts. His YouTube channel has caught the attention of over a million viewers, and his blog at NateChamberlain.com has served as a resource for more than 2 million visitors. As the author of several books on M365 topics, he’s continuously driven by a desire to assist others in navigating the Microsoft 365 landscape.

Beyond the digital world, Nate’s zest for sharing stories finds another outlet at the Kansas City Zoo, where he serves as a volunteer docent, talking about the fascinating world of wildlife and conservation with guests.

In all his endeavors, whether they be tech-oriented, through online platforms, or at the zoo, Nate’s goal is the same: to inform, connect, and inspire. He remains a strong advocate for the value of community engagement, shared knowledge, and collaborative growth.