Channel tabs and apps in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

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Adding tabs to your Microsoft Teams channels allows you to embed other apps, sites, documents, etc. for convenient, one-click access to important resources you and your colleagues use frequently. Learn how to create additional channel tabs in this lesson.


Tabs allow you to extend the capabilities of your chats and channels. You can add a tab to a chat to embed a document you and your co-chatter use often together, such as an HR portal or a state financial resource. You could add a tab to a channel to give yourself and your teammates one-click access to a frequently used website, Power BI report, Power App, etc. No matter what specific app you’re adding in the tab, the idea is simplifying your work days by bringing as many tools, apps, processes, etc. into a single starting place – Teams becomes a single place from where you and your colleagues can access and work with most of what you need each day.

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