Request files from others securely using OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business

Lesson 10/10

Learn how you can undo any changes made in your OneDrive for Business library by using the Restore feature. You’ll be able to restore your entire library in one action to a point in time you specify.

This concludes Chapter 1: OneDrive for Business. Check your knowledge with the chapter quiz, or proceed to Chapter 2: SharePoint Online.


Requesting files from others is not the same as sharing a folder with others to which they’ll add and edit files.

When you share a folder normally (with edit permissions), users can add files but they can also see others’ files and edit anything in the folder.

When you request files, users can add files but they can’t see any files in the folder (including their own) and they can’t modify anything after uploading (including their own). It’s basically a file drop or an FTP replacement to allow secure file submissions.

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