Chapter 2: SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online

Lesson 1/12

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to find and navigate SharePoint Online and what the two main site types are and how they’re typically used. There are 11 more lessons in this chapter in my course that cover documents, lists, pages, news, and more in detail.


SharePoint empowers you and your team to create team sites and communication sites. The core components of each site (regardless of type) are lists, libraries, and pages.

Team sites are intended for smaller, more focused groups working within a shared interest area. Team sites are built on Microsoft 365 groups and give members edit access by default making it easy to get up and running as a team collaborating on documents, lists, and more in no time. Common team site scenarios are project teams, committees, intra-departmental collaboration and news, etc.

Communication sites are generally focused on a broader audience and used for distributing resources or news to that larger group. Communication sites are not built on Microsoft 365 groups but can use existing Microsoft 365 groups as a basis for membership. Common communication site scenarios are company intranets, HR sites, IT support sites, Crisis communication, Talent and development, etc.

Use the SharePoint app bar to easily get from one site to another, or return to the SharePoint start page.

You can also use the search bar at the top of your window to navigate to other apps or sites, or to find resources, files, people, and more.

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